“Are You A Grown Up” or “Putting Away Childish Things” or “You Watch Cartoons?!!!”

“New creatures in Christ”  (1 Corinthians 5:17)

Transformed by the renewing of your minds.”   (Romans 12)


I remember years ago when I was very young I found my brother watching cartoons and I exclaimed with great wonder, “YOU watch cartoons?!!!” and this person, who is decades older than I am replied, “Well, Yeah.” I was in shock and couldn’t fathom my oldest brother was watching cartoons. I thought cartoons were for kids. I also thought adults were grown up. I was wrong on both accounts!

I explained to my kids years ago that I, like them are still growing up.  This “confession” was made while my kids were discussing how much I have changed as a father over the passing years. We were discussing how I have allowed them things as the years have gone on. We were discussing specifically how I allowed my oldest daughter to get double ear peircing in her ears. She approached me with the plans to have a long discussion on this extra peircing. She approached me and asked me for my permission and I said, without flinching, “Sure, why not?”

She was confounded as years prior I absolutely forbidden it as it was “worldly.” She asked why I had changed my mind. I confessed to her that I, like her, am still growing up. She was granted insight that day that most do not have, including many adults. I feel sorry for adults who believe aging is equivelent to growing up.  Augustine understood this when he said, “Business is the adults play.”  C.S. Lewis understood this as he said, Paul told Timothy to put childish things away [paraphrase].  He explained that when he was a child, like most children, pretended to be adults, therefore, as he is a grown up now he has put away adulhood. He would forever look down upon adulthood. As smart a man as he was he never really became an adult.

When I give bithday wishes to some persons I counsel them to, “Escape adulthood as often as possible.”  My children often say to me, “Babies and children love you.”  or You are so good with kids.”  This is because I am one.  There is nothing so boring to me as a grown up.  An adult that has lost it’s wonder of God’s universe is a sad creature. Scripture…Christ, Himself, who was beloved by chidren warns the grown ups that we must have childlike faith.  This tells me to stay young.  Children can recornize one of their own and this is why children are drawn to child-like adults and shy away from “grown ups.”  I said earlier that “grown up” adults are sad and boring.  There is one thing more sad that that and that is “grown up” children.

Paul told Timothy, Don’t let any man despise thy youth.”  Ofcourse he was encouraging Timothy a young man not to let older Christians set him aside as a young man and therefore inadequate to be a minister of Christ.  Let me take this abit out of context… I say to those of you who are, Young at heart, “Don’t let “grown up” adults despise thy, “youth at heart.”

By God’s grace, I shall be a “child-like” adult forever and ever.  To the adult “grown ups”, Don’t bore me with your adulhood.



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