“Groan Ups Part (3) Three” or “Playing Before The Lord” or “And They… Rose Up To Play.”

“David said unto Michal, It was before the LORD…therefore will I play before the LORD. And I will yet be more vile than thus…”  (2 Samuel 6:21-22a.)

“And [they] rose up to play. And the LORD said unto Moses, …thy people…have corrupted themselves…”  (Exodus 32)

Let me set up the context of the above passages.
King David was bringing the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. As he was over joyed he danced in little clothing.  He did not care about this as he was, in his mind, alone with God. This is always a good place to be.  The Lord Jesus went to this place, “Jesus being alone, prayed, his disciples being with Him.”

Michal,  David’s “groooan up” wife was watching this and as soon as David arrived home she began to belittle him for acting so among all the people. David responded with 2 Samuel 6:21-22. David was not being vile but he was being sarcastic as he knew how his “groan up” wife viewed him. David played before the LORD.

Our second passage from Exodus 32 shows us that the people of Moses corrupted themselves by their style of play.  As Moses was a long time away and with God, the people sought Aaron to make a golden calf out of their golden jewelry.  Aaron gave in and did as the people asked. Their worship of the golden calf was called “play” by God. They were only playing by worshipping a golden calf god. This is similar to young children playing house or doctor…the pure way. They were playing as this god was an imaginary god.  This is the wrong kind of play.


I have been employed by various and differing employers. These men were all different and had their own ways. However they all shared one trait.  This shared trait is the temper tantrum. I have seen groan men, owners of companies, use there thumb and pointer finger to shoot an employee that they were greatly angered by. No Kidding.  I have seen groan up men, throw things and kick things out of anger. I have heard groan men call other groan men bad names. I have seen a wolf in sheeps clothing kip up out of a chair as I made them see their error in spiritual matters and stomp on the ground and drive off. Readers, I have seen groan ups stick their tongue out at me and other groan ups give me the middle finger. I’ve seen a groan up man, who owns a large company simply walk away from a meeting with a client because he didn’t like what he was hearing.

Murder and sexual escapades, are these not the games of youth that destroy marriages and families today? Murder, is this not the ultimate acting out of a childish person? If I can’t get what i want I will kill. This is a temper tantrum.  Adultery or fornication, is this not what lost teenagers do? Pornography, was this not what lost teenagers looked at? Adult bookstores…what is adult about them?

Again, Augustine said, Business is the adults playground.  An adult carnal philosophy is – he that dies with the most toys wins, isn’t it? Look at the lost world today, For many “groan ups” everything is me, my, mine. These are the thoughts of little children.

There are those who have never grown up, these are they that are given to their passions.  These are they that want it their way. These are they that still kick, hit, and snort in temper tandrums. These are they that still judge others by using themselves as the standard. These are they that are trying to keep their youthful appearance at all costs. These are they that cannot settle down with a wife and family but go out and look for love elsewhere. Domestic violence, spouse abuse, child abuse, is this not what bullies do when they are young? This is the bad kind of staying young.

There is, however, Those who have grown up and have found opportunities to become little kids again without becoming irresponsible. Then there are the Christ-ians, Who have been hand-picked by God, who have all their steps ordered by the LORD, Who call out to Daddy in prayer. Who still wonders at all of God’s creation…Who have been born again and will play forever before the LORD and will believe that there is a Great and Perfect Being “in the sky” that loves them and keeps them and will someday return for them.






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