“Another Comparison Between The New Creatures In Christ And SuperHeroes” Or “I’m Batman” or “What’s Your Super Hero Name?” or ” The Church = The Righteous League Of God’s Kingdom”

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.”  (2 Corinthians 5:17)

“…[T]he Spirit dwell[s] in you…”  (Portion of Romans 8:11)

“…Christ liveth in me…”  (a portion of Galatians 2:20)


What made Peter Parker the Spiderman?
What gives Superman his powers?

The infusion with an outside agent made Parker into Spiderman, in his case it was a spider.
The sun gives Superman his power.

Do you see where we’re going?
We are infused with an outside Agent, The Holy Ghost.
Our powers are due to the Son…The Son of God.

Christ-ians Are Super Heroes: 

Let us begin, walk with me, walk with me.
Superheroes are persons made super by an outside agent, by another’s gifting them with powers (Green Lantern), by the infusion of a chemical (Captain America) or other agent.  Super heroes are not born, they are made; Our Great Hero, God’s Son being the Exception.

In the Marvel Universe, the X-Men are persons with outstanding mutations.  In Christ, we are persons blessed with Spiritual Gifts and the Spirit’s Fruit….AND Peter tells us we are partakers of the Divine Nature!!! The Christ-ian is a Super hero!!! The Christ-ian is gifted by God, the Christ-ian is infused with the Holy Spirit!!! And some sweet day we will even flYYYYYYY!!!, We will have glorified bodies that can permeate or go through walls. We will be visible and we can be invisible. These truths are from Scripture. If you can believe Christ died and rose again, you can believe this.


  1. God’s gifting of Faith
  2. Prayer. Prayer for things and prayer against things; prayer for persons and prayer against persons.
  3. The Holy Spirit Who dwells within our mind, our thoughts, and our instincts.
  4. The Sword of the Spirit, The Word of God.
  5. Christ-ian fellowship
  6. God’s love for us and our love for Him, and for neighbors and for enemies. To love one’s enemy is a super power.
  7. The Gifts of the Spirit, severally as He wills.
  8. The Fruit of the Spirit is all super powered as it is supernatural. With the Fruit of the Spirit, we do things and feel things that others do not and cannot.
  9. Christ-likeness.
  10. The shielding of being in Christ
  11. Showing others the Glorious Gospel of Christ.
    12.Living a holy life; living for others, living and walking as He walks are all supernatural powers of our Salvation.

1. Cultivate the Gifts and Fruit of the Holy Spirit.
2.Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of the Lord Jesus.
3Consistenly, Continuosly, Continually Walk with God.
4. Be Instant in Prayer.
5. Pray ceaselessly.
6. Prove All Things.
7. Quench not the Spirit.
8. Die Daily to self, deny thyself, take up the cross and follow Him.
9. Watch and pray.
10.Look for, long for and love His appearing.

So there you have it. Christ-ians have supernatural powers, Christ-ians have weapons and abilities; Christ-ians have a mission………………….AND we have the Super Suit, IE. The Whole Armour Of God.

What is our secret identity you migjht ask. Our Secret Identity is the Meekness of Christ.

What’s your Super Hero Name? “Righteous Man/Woman?”  “Justified Man/Girl/Woman?”   “Santified Man/Boy/ Girl/Woman?” “New Creature?” “Salt Man?”  Light Man”” How about “Faithful Man?” or “The Administrator?” Joy Man?” “Long suffering Man?”  “Humble Man?” ……Mine?…..I choose….SILENT KNIGHT the HOLY KNIGHT or Door Keeper or How about Servant Man or Minister Man? How about “Loved by God Man?”









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