“The Blessings In And Of The Small Church” Or “Big Churches Are Not Bad” Or “If God Is In It, It’s Not Small.”

“Fear not little Flock.”  (Our Shepherd)


Our Lord had (12) twelve. Gideon’s army was shrunk to (300) three-hundred. Christ fed (4000) four thousand and (5000) five thousand. (3000) Three thousand were saved at Pentacost. Cornelius’ whole house was saved as was those of the Ephesian’s jailors, household. Among the great multitude of impotent folks at the pool, Christ healed only one.

God is sovereign and God is able to use few and God is able to use many, it is His choice and we should not judge the Lord’s choice of numbers. In fact, when David by (s)atan’s influence and God’s allowance numbered or counted the people, David, earned God’s wrath. Counting equals doubt, fear, worry, and faithlessness. To be fair, however, sometimes there is a practical matter to knowing the numbers. To be sure there is a fine line between the two.

In this article, we will not beat up on large churches or mega churches. In this article we will (DV) speak of the blessings of the small church.

The Feeding:
God does not withold His spiritual blessing based upon the small number of God’s people being present in church. God is not “good” when many people attend and then only “kinda good” when few people attend. It has been said many times that if fewer persons attend a dinner there is more food for everyone else. I have observed that this is true in the spiritual. When there are fewer of God’s people are present, greater are the blessings. He does not do this as a punishment to those away or on vacation or what not, He does this not against them but for the few present. Think the Transfiguration, (3) three were present. Think the garden of Gethsemene, again, (3) three were present or closest. Think about the birth of the church, churches were in homes. The New Testament mentions many time the church as being in someone’s home. The good stuff was being presented to get the church growing and going.

The Closeness of the Brethren:

When a church is small the people become a tight knit fellowship. The trials, the tribulations, the hardships are shared as the few weep with the one that is weeping. Also are the good times, the blessings, the gifts, the love are all felt as the few rejoice with the one that is rejoicing. And the old proverb, “Blood is thicker than water.” is proven wrong. The waters of baptism are thicker than family blood. In the church of the few, prayer can be a real thing as there are not thousands to pray for. In the church of the few, the financial, the physical, and the emotional burdens are more likely to be taken seriously and taken into hands…the right hands. The few can provoke each other to faithfulness and good works. Accountability is a real thing when there are few…everyone is needed.


The Blessings to the Pastor:

The Pastor can tend to the flock in a very real and a very present and helpful way. The dangers of hero worship are greatly decreased. The pastor can focus his energies on the persons that are in need, he can keep an eye upon the people. The same dynamic is seen in small class rooms in schools. when there are fewer students the teacher can spent more time with each student. The parallel is exact.
The pastor is responsible for the conduct, growth, and faithfulness of the people. This is Biblical as the pastor will asnswer to God for the people under his watch. The fewer to watch over the better and more attentive can the pastor be.
When the last days arrive, there will be less for him to gather together and to protect.


Proof from the Mega Churches:

What do the large churches do with their large numbers? They break the large group into bite size smaller groups. The large churches, in truth, are many “churches of the few” under one roof. There are pros and cons in the larger churches. One of the cons is the small groups can become cliqish. One of the pros is having a large influence and a large impact. However, all these things are in God’s Hands and under His Sovereign and wise control. We need not be concerned with the numbers for there is a seal that stands still…God knows them that are His.


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