“Hero-Worsip” or “I Wanna Be Like Mike” or “The Great Sin of Idolatry”

“Diotrephes…loveth to have the preeminence…he receiveth us not.  (3 John :9)

“Ye men of Athens, I perceive…ye are too superstitious.”  (Acts 17:22)

“…they called Barnabas, Jupiter…”  (Acts 14:12)

“When Jesus therefore perceived that they…would take [H]im [and] make [H]im king, [H]e departed…[A]lone.” (John 6:15)

“And immediatly the angel of the Lord smote [Herod], because he gave not God glory: and he was eaten of worms, and he gave up the ghost.”  (Acts 12:23)


“Lord, I am prone to wonder, Lord, I feel it.” These words are lyrics to an old hymn. These words also cause us to think of the Psalms. David would speak about his flesh desiring to wonder off as did his sheep of old.

In the visible church…in Christendom, persons are prone to wander into the great sin of hero worship. That is to say, worshipping the pastor or a preacher as one’s hero. This sin is gradual, slow moving and subtle. By the adjectives we used in the last sentence we know it is of (s)atanic origins. It is (s)atanic. Humans demand something to worship whether they know it or not; whether they admit it or not. As the old man, the old nature, the carnal remains in us after salvation is begun, we are prone to hero-worship.

Think back to Exodus. Moses is gone for a stretch and the people wanted something to worship hence, the golden calf. We learn from Samuel that some people were still worshipping the brazen serpent of very, very, long ago. Is it any wonder that both the body of Moses and the Ark of the Covenant are hidden today?

Examine the practices of the Roman Catholic Show. They still are worshipping relics and saints. The Shroud of Turin is an object of worship. This is the strongest argument against it’s validity. It also argues for God’s way of sending strong delusion to weed out false believers.

Let us also examine the reaction of young people that, literally…and I mean it…literally, worship celebrities today. Posters on walls, emulation by physical likeness, IE. same haircut, same clothing style, same attitude, same politics, Crying and screaming and praising the celebrity if ever in their presence. etc. This is hero worship, this is Idolatry!!! Paul speaks about this when he speaks of people comparing themselves by themselves and among themselves…think Hollywood award season?


1. It is a spiritual disease and is contageous.
2. Ministers fall into the condemnation of (s)atan.
3. God Shrinks in the sight of the (un)faithful.
4. The people become sheople and follow the hero worshipped pastor and not Christ, the Over and the Good Shepherd.
5. The Sheople want to be like the pastor and forget about Christ. The pastor fills the vacuum of Christ’s physical absence….think Pope.
7.The pastor’s opinions, likes, dislikes become tradition and then doctrine and then others are judged according to these standards and not the Standard(s) of Scripture.
8. The Sheople fall into the trap of judgementalness.
9. Pride takes over.
10. (s)atan defeats the sheople and laughs at God.


The truth being told, some men call themselves to the ministry so that they can have power and control over others. Some see a pastor being worshipped and they say, like Simon the magician, “I want that.” Some are psychopaths or sociopaths that see the ministry as a kingdom for themselves. Some see the ministry as an easy life…no math, no quotas, no bosses, no pressures, no accountability, no goals to reach, etc.

Some are called by God, and over the years they start to believe their own press. They start to see themselves as, “The Man,” as “Needed,” as Necessary,” as the Pope, as, the Holy Spirit. Think King Saul…Think Diotrephes….think of the many ministers that have fallen as the world spotlights them.

Some are called by God and are very aware of the dangers of being a leader and realize that some will want to worship them and they resist all of it as they know where it all ends. These are those that are blessed because they are humbled by their carnal nature, the old man, and the flesh…they are humbled by sin. these are they that preach Him, Him, Him, He, He, He, Christ, Christ, Christ !!! and not, I did, I would, I will, I want, I can… I, ,I, I, I, and  Me, Me, Me, Me.
These are they that can be trusted with God’s Glory and Christ’s Gospel. These are they that still mourn over their sin.


Those that accept the worship and fall into the condemnation of (s)atan become the “Anti-Mind of Christ.” These heed not Paul’s words, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: Butmade of [H]imself no reputation, and took upon [H]imself the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in the fashion as a man, [H]e humbled [H]imself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.” These love the world, though they preach against worldliness; they are of the world for they love that which the world loves. Those that love the world are enemies of God and they make their worshippers the enemies of God….They are zealous of God but not according to knowledge.


1. Am I seeking the Kingdom of God first and it’s growth?
2. Am I growing a church? Why Am I growing this church?
3. Am I growing a kingdom unto myself?
4. Is Knowing the Word of God the same a knowing and loving the God of that Word?
5. Am I sufficient for all of this?
6. Am I or do I lean upon the Lord?
7. Why do I desire the salvation of others? A. So they are saved from hell?  B. So that they are saved from sin? C. So that the praise and worship of God grows?  If your answer is A, you are in danger of vain glory. If your answer is B, you are Scripturally sound, If C is your answer, you are on the right track and Godspeed to you!
8. Do I talk to man more than I talk to God? .
. Do I speak of myself more than I speak of the Lord Jesus?
10. Could I be happy and satisfied doing something else?


Hero worship and Idolatry are not new, but is ancient and is prevalent. This sin is a very clear and present danger, this sin is destructive and is (s)atanic as it is used by (s)atan as he covers it under a false righteousness though it is a very true unrighteousness.
Saints, Look to Christ, Look for Christ, Look like Christ.



2 thoughts on ““Hero-Worsip” or “I Wanna Be Like Mike” or “The Great Sin of Idolatry”

    1. Hero-worship can be devastating when a hero falls. Thank you for commenting. I know of (3) three different churches that saw their pastor/pope/idol/hero fall to sexual immorality. These kind of things can shipwreck one’s faith. I keep my eye on Christ Who, “faileth not. Once a person has experienced the “largeness and vastness of God,” they can no longer celebrate other humans like celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. I view a celebrity as I view any other occupation. The celebrity is providing me a service, whether that service is laughter, excitement, or something to think about. The celebrity, the politician, the pro-athelete are on par with the custodian, the baker, the dli guy, the waste management persons, etc. When others view celebrities as special they are falling into idolatry or are at least at idolatry’s precipice. Godspeed to you, Jim.


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