“A Peaceful Preacher’s Take On The Gun Issue” or “A Peaceful Preacher’s Take On The Club Or Big Stick Issue” Or “I’ve Always Taught My Girls That My Mind Is My Greatest Weapon.”

” Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.”  (Genesis 4)

Years ago in a promo Jake “The Snake” Roberts, a pro-wrestler said, “This [snake] was never the dangerous one, I’ve always been the real snake you needed to fear.” This promo was in response to his very real cobra being banned from ringside. Roberts, for most of his time in the WWF would bring a large python, Damien to the ring. After he gained a victory he would open his green gunny sack, where damien was kept safe, and would then drape Damien, a (15) fifteen foot python all over the proned body of his opponent. The commentators would always speak well of Roberts and Damien. However…

However, once in a while the script calls for a wrestler to turn heel or turm into a bad guy. When this would happen to Roberts the commentators would speak ill of him AND of his practice of draping Damien upon the bodies of his victims, now they were victims and not opponents. When Roberts really went dark he began bringing a Cobra, a very large (8) eight foot or so King Cobra to ring side. In one instance he actually tied another wrestler, Randy Savage. in the ring ropes, and let the Cobra bite (chew on) Savage’s arm. Obviously the cobra had no fangs and if it did it was de-venomed.

After a while Roberts left the WWF scene and went else where with his snakes. In the mid (90’s) nineties he returned with a preacher gimmick and an albino python, named Revelation. Once again the commentators loved Roberts and loved to see Revelation draped upon Roberts opponents. O’ lest I forget somewhere in the years spoken of above Damien was “killed” (Scripted) by Earthquake, a huge man, squashing Damien. After Roberts recovered from this “loss” he returned with a much larger python, named Lucifer. Lucifer was years before Revelation.

What does the above have to do with the gun issue? Simple, the pythons and the cobra were never a danger to anyone until it was released. Everyone loved to see the snake draped upon another wrestler unless Roberts was the heel and the victim was a beloved babyface or good guy. Roberts made it clear in the promo, i began with above, the snakes were never the real danger, he was.

All that I have written concerning Jake “The Snake” and his snakes can easily be applied to the gun isuue, as Sherlock Holmes would say, “The parallels are exact! HA!” and they are exact. A gun is a non-living object with no awareness or motive to do anything until a living person makes it an extension of his mind, of his hate, of his prejudice, of his psychopathy, of his determination.

We can also apply the circumstances of Cain and Abel. Cain used a large stick or club to kill Abel. By his use of a club we could note that he had doubts about his actions as he knew he could not bring himself to strangle Abel. Also by not strangling Abel it might speak to the fact that his issue was Abel’s acceptance by God and not Abel, himself. As a club is quick and impersonal. Cain was angry at God and released his anger upon one of God’s image bearers.

The last word of the (2nd) second paragraph up is determination. Determination combined with a pathology of hatred or prejudice eguals intent to murder. When a person is determined to kill that person shall kill. That person will kill unless he is met with another person determined to live and has a defense equal to the killer’s assualt. That is to say, if the focus of rage even sees the attack coming. A cowerd  or physically weaker killer will most likely never let you know it’s coming, this is why cowerds use arson as a weapon and women use poisons. The fact is this, if a person is determined to kill another he will kill another.

If one wants to kill, one can use a knife, a pencil, a car, a book, a pillow, rat poison, anti freeze, a pipe bomb, hands and feet, knees and elbows, the inside cup of the elbow, an animal and a gun. I wrote animal. There was a case where a dog, out of nowhere, attacked and slaughtered a person said dog knew and loved. No one could figure out why this dog would snap like that. It was later discovered that the dog heard a voice mail message with a trigger word in it and the dog upon hearing the trigger word attacked and killed. The weapon, in this case, was not only the dog, but the spoken word of a determined killer. Therefore it seems to me that determination is the real weapon of mass murder and mass destruction.

A few word concerning the media and the (s)atanic supported left. Yes, I said (s)atan supported.  A few weeks ago there was an article by a “leading satanist” that they supported Hilary Clinton and the democratic party. The real satanists with an outlet and power are the media, the left, and ISIS. I shake my head in wonder at the stupidity of poiticians and, celebrities, and late night talk show parrots of ignorance. Peter spoke of these persons in the second chapter of his second epistle. Peter said they are speaking evil of dignities or dignitaries and about things they do not understand. He likened this type of person to the brute beasts that are bred for slaughter…they are simply stupid cattle chatting amongst themselves not understanding anything.

Some of the talk show hosts with brains point out that this ilk of stupidity (my words) are very hypocritical. The celebrities are hypocritical because many of them make their ridiculous amounts of money playing gun toting action heroes. The Talk show hosts also point out that these celebrated and idolized persons are protectected by gun toting security.

Our Lord might say something like this, “Ye gun protected hypocrites, ye wander about in safety because of your gun toting security, but you rail against the everyday persons that use guns to defend themselves.” He never said that, I am only making a supposal as C.S. Lewis would call it. He may also say, “Ye that have made millions of dollars from playing gun loving action heroes, Ye are speaking ill of the citizens of America that own and use guns properly and pay you to play the gun toting action heroes.”

These celebrities make their living playing fictional characters. They then have offensive award shows celebrating themselves, each other and the fictional piece they have authored. They compare themselves among themselves, St. Paul would say. He would go on to say, this type of person is not wise.
One must ask the question, do these celebrated persons know the difference between a fictional world and a non-fictional world. Do they ever stop playing the part of the pride-filled, ego maniacle, self-centered, ignorant and dumb-defining fictional persons they really are? Maybe someone should shout, “CUT, Thats a Wrap, people.”


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