“Flag Burners And Worshippers Of Chaos: There Real Message, Motive and Focus Of Hatred” Or “We Are Living In The Times Of 2 Peter 2” Or “These Things Must Be” Or “A Pulpit Does Not A Preacher Make”

“And Moses built an altar, And called the name of it Jehovahnissis [The LORD is my Banner].  (Exodus 17)


It is in the news almost everyday. Today persons are dishonouring the flag of our country and rebeling against civil authority. The news casters and persons on the street and families sitting around the dinner table are all acting the same questions, one of which is, “Why?” Church atteners are asking the same question and maybe even another question, “Did Pastor X just say what I think he said? Did he just speak evil of our president?”

With the bent of my mind we blieve we might have the answer to these guestions.
“Why are persons burning the American Flag and why do they hate civil authority?”
We will address the question regarding civil authority first. Have you every attended a pro wrestling event or whatched one on television?  If you every did or ever will, pay attention to the man in the black and white shirt. He is the third man in the ring if it is a one onn one match up. (4) four things to note. 1. You will hardly notice him though he is in all the action and in almost every camera shot. 2. He is much smaller that the competitors. 3. He has all of the authority. 4. If either competitor lays a hand on him, they will be immedietly disqualified, suspended, fined or even terminated.

1. He is hardly noticed.  This is because ne needs not get involved, lest a rule is being broken or he needs to make the all important (3) count and call the winner.
2. This referee is sometimes (1/2) half the sixe of the competitors if not smaller. Why does he need not be bigger?
3. He need not be bigger because his size does not determine his authority.
4. His authoriy is determined due to that which backs up his authority. That which backs up his authority are the rules, the ownership, board of directors, and all the fines and possible means of discipline. If a competitor shows any hostility toward the ref, everyone and everything that gives the ref his authority and power will be threatened and offened. Any attack on the ref is an attack upon all the back him and all that is above him. To attack the in ring authority is a tremedous attack upon all.

With the above being written, do you now see why the worshppers of chaos hate and attack civil authority like the police? The attack upon the police is an attack upon everything that gives the police his or her power. The attackers are sending a messgae of disrespect and hate to all authoriy and most of all upon Him that bestows this aithority and power to disciplines.

The ultimate Power of Authority is God, Himself. In the Book of Exodus God tells Moses that they do not hate him or resist his authority but it is God, Himself they resist. In Roman 13, Paul states that all authority is given by God and that all civil authority is dispensed by God. He states that there is no power or authority in place that He did not put in place. Therefore anyone that rebels or resist this authority is resisting and rebeling against Him. Those that fire upon and even murder police officers, in reality are seeking to kill God again plain and simple.

Why do the people seek to destroy the Flag that represents is country? The answer is the same as above. The flag represents God that provides and appoints civil authority. In our text above, Moses calles a place Jehovahnissi ( pronounced Jehovahniece). Jehova nissi means The LORD is my Banner.
Moses gave this place the name that he did because God had given the Israelites a great victory over the Amalekites, a great enemy of God and His people.The detail of the victory are these: Moses went to a high place and he held the Rod of God above his head with his (2) two arms. When his arms held the rod high above his head the people would have the battle in hand. When Moses arms and the Rod would lower, the Amalekite army would begin to have the advantage.
(2) two men noiced the effect Moses and the Rod was having upon the battle. These men, Aaron and Hur came to Moses sides and held his arms up high. The army of God would take the advantage and keep the advantage. The Army of God would discomfit the enemy of God. Mose would then name this field of victory, Jehovah is my Banner because when the warriors would see Moses and the Rod of God they would be strengthened.
This is true on many fields of battle. Many soldiers of the U.S. militart would confess that the Flag or Banner of these United Stae of America gave them the strength and ability to carry on.

Those that hate this country and what it stands for no this and therefore hate the flag and what it represents. Many Christ-ians would tell yo that the Banner or Flag reminds them of God’s love and blessings upon this country over it’s history. Flag burners know this too and they hate it all. When these flag burners burn our great flag, they are burning, God, God’s people, America’s history, Americ’a churches and all the good America stands for. America does not dispute the negative things in this countries history, but there is much more good to praise it for.

I understand that the flag represents these person’s rights to express there distain for this country and that is the catch 22. I am not calling for the flag burning to be made illegal because that would be burning the flad in a symbolic way because it is the flag taht gives them the right. What I am suggesting is to do what is done on FaceBook, make these flag burners famous for the flag give me that right too. Take a picture and put it on FB or local light posts and telephone posts. Believe me when I say it feels good to say these burners should wrap themselves in the flag before burning it but that gives them what they want. It is the same when a Christ-ian spits on a militant atheist, it may fell good but that is ecactly what the atheists want and like for they use it against us and their false ideas of God. Don’t spit on them but simply pray against their attemps.

We are living in 2 Peter 2. I’ll not quote the passage but I will ask you to read it for yourself. 2 Peter 2 speaks directly to what one sees on their nightly news and morning paper. It speaks about sinners speaking against dignities which they know nothing about. That speaks to these ignorant protests and those that speak evil of the president.  It is proven when reporters ask this protestes what they are protesting. Generally speaking the vast majority cannot be understood and when they can be understood they make little to no sense.

The same can be said for night times talk show parrots. I would like very much to be invited to any of these night time shows, including Bill Mawr. I confess he sounds intelgent and understands more than the Kimbles, Fallons, and pother parrots of ignorance but that would make causing him to look stupid all the much more. The thing with Mawr is I mind myself agreeing with some of what he saws, that is what makes him so dangerous. I remember seeing a documentary about religion he made. I remember  agreeing with some of what he was saying about those he had on the show. This is because he chose his guests very carefully. Mawr chose some “believers” that were very ignorant concerning the faith and were very Biblically ignorant.

Fellow Bible believers, You are doing yourself, and the kingdom of God a great dis-service if you do not take the time to understand your Bible, and the current state of this country. We must be able to give a reason for the hope we have from Scripture and our God. We must be able to give a ciherent understanding for the state of this world and this country. Learn what is going on. Learn what the enemy believes and what he is saying. If you know what the enemy believes and what he is saying and you have an understanding of the truth you can stand up to them for all they have is lies, lies and more lies.

Another question some are asking concerns the stand the churches are taking today. In Ephesians, Paul prophesies that in the last days before anti-christ is revealed that the church must first fall away from God and the true faith as taught in the Scriptures and sound Churches. Scripture also speaks of servants of (s)atan transforming themselves into angels of light or servants of God. We are and have been seeing this since the New Testament was writte and even in the Old Testament. This guise of (s)atan’s servants was dealt with by the great prophets of old like Jeremiah, and the apostles of Christ like Paul and Peter. The church of Christ and the true men of God still deal with the liars and sons of (s)atan to this very hour.

There should be no wonder when men and women speak lies from the puplit for a pulpit does not a man of God make. Many of the preachers from the black community, especially those that are being interviewed by the mainstrem media, are deceivers and sons of the wicked one. Before you call me a racist or race baiter, let me say I will not waste my time defending myself. Those who know me will attest to my love for all of God’s Creation and that is all I have to say about that. I have preached in the black churches before and have had some of the best times worshipping with them.

My first time to minister to my blackbrothers and sisters was in Iowa. My family and I were visiting family and when the Lord’s dat rolled around we chose to attend the local black church. It was not a larde church, but nothing is small when God is in. We arrived and took our seats, The pastor entered from the back of the church and began shaking hands. He made his way to my family and I. The first thing he said to me was, “I believe you, sir, are a preacher of God. He then asked if I would take my place in the pulpit and preach the morning service! I certainly did not expect this but when a man is called to preach he is called to be instant in the Word.

We ascended to the pulpit and preached the Word to a church where many of those attending were retired elderly black preachers! As I proclaimed the Word these men would stomp their feet (I admit I was starles at first) with power, they would them stand to their feet. I realized this is what was dome when they agreen with the preaching and it was to encourage the preacher. After word we were invited to have lunch with the pastor and the congregation as they were having a pot luck.

I had the time of my life. It truly was a blessing from my Lord. These people and their pastor had never laid eyes upon me but recognized me as a prophet of God and turned everything over to me. We had visited that church a number of times afterwards and would write letters of encouargement and offerings to help them and to encouarge them. On our last visit I am saddened to say a new “pastor” had taken over. Our welcome was cold and suspicious. There was no more than a handshake by a few.  The messgae was one of blacks are superior and that Hilary Clinton was the answer to all their problems. There was no more elderly pastors rising with praise. It was a “church” with a different spirit. We were not welcome to lunch with them and it was obvious that they wanted us to depart. There was even a painted picture of a black “Jesus”…”another Jesus.”









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